Spring Cleaning at Cuttyhunk Shellfish

Farm Clean Up: Before and After
Ready for baby oysters! We will be planting another 250,000 oyster seed in the next few weeks. These oysters will be on your table in 2024. Mother Nature does the work to make great tasting Cuttyhunk oysters; we do our part to help them along by keeping them clean and happy.

We are proud that our oysters are environmentally beneficial. We are proud that we constantly pick up trash and try to minimize our environmental impact. We know can do better. We thank you for your business and for supporting the hard work of commercial fishermen; we are grateful and humbled by what Nature does to us, and what we do to Nature, daily.

Beach Clean Up: Keeping our Beaches Free of Marine Debris

The Center for Coastal Studies visited the island this month with a group of amazing volunteers to clean up decades worth of marine debris. Over 500 abandoned lobster traps were removed from our shoreline.

Read about it here

. Despite these sobering photos (below) we find hope in what people can do when they work together, such as our friends at Cuttyhunk CAN. We look forward to finding more ways to do our part to keep our local beaches clean.

This mountain of abandoned lobster gear located on the West End contained traps that were more than 25 years old.
Recyclable materials were separated and collected before traps were crushed and loaded into dumpsters.
The traps will be recycled at a scrap metal facility on the mainland, after departing the island in dumpsters on a barge. Trash disposal is 11% of Cuttyhunk Island's annual budget.
Thank you to Sarah Thorington, Studio by the Sea for the photos.

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