Sporty or Romantic? Cuttyhunk Oysters for Your Celebration

Order Fresh Cuttyhunk Oysters Now for Saturday Pick Up!
Order Farm-fresh Cuttyhunk oysters for your Super Bowl and Valentine's Day celebrations, delivered on Saturday 2/11/23 to Acton, Chestnut Hill, Concord, or Needham. Visit our website, select your pick up location, and let us bring freshly harvested Cuttyhunk oysters to you!

Cuttyhunk Shellfish Farms Super Bowl Playbook
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Super Size It! for the Super Bowl

Try a dozen

 XL oysters for the grill, or a

bag of 100

 Practicing our shucking skills around the kitchen table or fire pit is one of our favorite ways to enjoy time together with friends and family! 

Tip of the Week:
How to grill oysters!
Step 1: Mix up your favorite ingredients into a compound butter (e used butter and hot sauce, but you could add garlic, chives, miso, or etc.)
Step 2: Shuck the oysters and add topping

Step 3: Grill and enjoy!

Happy Valentine's Day from Cuttyhunk Shellfish. Thank you for supporting a Family Farm, your business means a lot to us!

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